River Obstructions in the Virgin River

Jun 03, 2010

Boaters – Please be aware of the following obstructions in the Virgin River. This list may not address all of the potential obstructions.

The Virgin River Program has constructed fish barriers at three locations on the Virgin River. These locations are near the I-15 Bridges in Bloomington, near the Arizona state line, and near the mouth of the gorge in Arizona. The locations are shown on the following map. Each of the fish barriers consist of a four to five foot concrete wall and downstream concrete splash pad. They create a waterfall designed to prevent upstream migration of invasive fish found downstream in Lake Mead and in the lower portion of the Virgin River. The barriers also allow for segmentation of the river aiding in eradication of unwanted fishes found upstream of the diversions. There are also large water diversions in the river which may affect recreation on the river. These diversions are found near the town of Virgin, upstream from the Washington fields, and in Washington City.

Quail Creek Diversion – Downstream from Virgin, Utah. Unrunnable. River exit suggested in Virgin due to cliff and fencing around diversion.

Washington City to Utah State Line Map

Obstructions moving downstream
Washington Fields Diversion – Portage Required 10’+ drop Portage River Right

Johnson Diversion/The Waterfall – Portage required. 10’+ drop. Portage river right.

Webb Hill Fish Barrier – Immediately downstream from southbound I-15 bridges in Bloomington. 4′ drop. Portage recommended, river left – possible recirculating current at base of structure.

State Line Fish Barrier – 4 miles downstream from St. George, Utah. Portage Recommended River Right – 4′ drop Possible recirculating current at base of structure.

State Line Barrier to Virgin River Gorge Mouth Map

Virgin River Gorge Fish barrier – Portage suggested river right, 5-6′ drop.

For more information please contact Steve Meismer, Virgin River Program local coordinator, at 435 673 3617 or view the Virgin River Runners Coalition website (www.virginriver.org).