Program Overview

The Virgin River Program is a collaborative effort between local, state, and federal partners to balance human interests along the Virgin River with the conservation of this unique ecosystem for future generations. The goals of the Program are to:

  • Implement actions to recover, conserve, enhance and protect native species in the Virgin River Basin.
  • Enhance the ability to provide adequate water supplies for sustaining human needs.

The scope of the Program is broad, including species recovery, water management, floodplain protection, restoration, and community outreach.

Virgin River Peir Graphic

Virgin River Program activities include:

  • Enhancement and protection of floodplain and wildlife habitat
  • Guiding proactive water development strategies to allow continued economic growth and recovery of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Fish population monitoring and stocking
  • Non-native fish control
  • Providing water releases to enhance fish survival during low flow periods
  • Installing fish screens and providing fish passage on diversion structures
  • Education outreach in local schools and communities
  • Assisting with watershed planning measures and developing master plans for the basin to guide floodplain management, flood damage restoration, revegetation, and infrastructure protection